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Persuasive Writing

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On this page you'll find links for learning more about Persuasive Writing.




Persuasion Template
Three-part template for organizing a five-paragraph persuasive argument. See your purple cheat sheet for an example of this essay.
Scholastic Writing Workshop
Two mini-lessons on using persuasive writing (using transitional words, using specific examples)
Google Doc Persuasion Template
Save a copy of this Google Doc for prewriting a five paragraph persuasive essay.
Interactive Persuasion Map
This ReadWriteThink persuasion map allows you to type in and then print out a planner for a five paragraph essay. You can also print it out blank.
Brainstorming Persuasive Writing Topics Short video on how to use a systematic process to brainstorm topics for persuasive writing. The sound drops out at the beginning of video, but comes back in after about fifteen second. Plus, last five seconds of video are cut off. But apart from that, good stuff!

Pet Peeves

After reading an editorial about Pet Peeves, you can write your own.
Persuasive Writing Tutorial
Cool step by step interactive explains the steps to writing a good persuasive argument.
Distracting the Reader Errors to avoid when making arguments in writing. (username is bedminpass)  
Looking for Evidence
Interactive tutorial on using evidence rather than emotion to make a point. (username is bedminpass)
Attacking the Subject, Not the Person
Interactive tutorial on changing the subject in an argument. (username is bedminpass
Road Rules An example persuasive paragraph. Click on each component to see how the paragraph works.
Badger Wood Interactive storyline that requires writing a persuasive piece.
Select Your Topic Short tutorial on selecting a topic for an editorial (persuasive argument).
Focus Your Topic Short tutorial on choosing and narrowing a topic.
Create an Engaging Opening Short tutorial on writing an opening that grabs the reader.
Gather Evidence Short tutorial on gathering evidence to support your case.
Take Notes Short tutorial on taking notes from all of your gathered evidence.
Counter the Other Side
Short tutorial on making arguments against the other side.
Write Your First Draft Short tutorial on refining all parts of your editorial.
Revise Your Draft Short tutorial on revising your work.
Revise for Persuasion Short tutorial on revising to persuade (using four techniques).
Revise for Point of View Short tutorial on revising for point of view (keeping it consistent).
Edit and Publish Short tutorial on editing and publishing your work.
Teacher's Guide Teacher's notes and additional resources for using the tutorials above.
Hoodie Trouble Writing exercise on a controversial subject.
Letter Generator Interactive site helps you compose a letter.
How Are They Selling It? Interactive site asks readers to identify three types of persuasive selling techniques.
Looking for the Fine Print Reading for the details in an advertisement.
Persuasive Writing Lessons

For teachers, lots of lessons and links.

Persuasive Writing Lessons 2 More for teachers.
Persuasive Writing Example A student model (pdf format) that shows how to include anecdotes, counter-arguments, and examples.
Utah Littering Campaign  
Room for Debate New York Times column featuring diverse viewpoints on ever-changing topics.
Compare and Contrast Writing Teacher's lesson plan (pdf).
Should Zoos Exist? Some beginning links for arguing this idea.
Text Organizer: Persuasion Organizer and some sample writings for persuasive/argumentative writing.
Opposing Viewpoints

Some sentence stems to help you write opposing viewpoint statements.

Revising Argumentative Writing Revise argumentative writing to target a specific audience. (video)
Writing Persuasively to Create Short Editorials A lesson plan with accompanying videos from NY Times.
200 Topics for Argumentative Writing From the New York Times.
Drafting Board

Learn to write a persuasive argument using Civics content.

And? Coke Ad Break-down of a Coke Zero ad; a related lesson plan here.
Argumentative Writing Live Binder A collection of ideas and resources for Argumentative writing.


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