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Cool Tools

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On this page you'll find Cool Tools for writing, creating images, and publishing.

The page got so large that I had to split it, so be sure to check out Cool Tools II for more resources!



Tool Type


Code Academy coding Learn how to write code that can help you create your own video games and apps. Cool!
Pocket Mod organization Cool customizable, printable organizer that fits into your pocket.
OneLook dictionary Cool search possibilities for exact words, and phrases and ideas about your word.
Ninja Words dictionary Super quick and uncluttered dictionary that keeps a running list of words you've looked up.
Oxford Learner's Dictionary dictionary Be sure to choose American English; provides simple definitions plus pronunciations.
Wordnik dictionary Definitions, examples, etymology, and more.
Merriam Webster (M-W) dictionary Definitions, examples, sentences, discussions about synonyms
Longman Dictionary dictionary Sensible definitions, even if they're a bit long.
Dillfrog Muse dictionary Explains words in detail, and relates them to surrounding words.
Wordstash dictionary Definitions, synonyms, examples, web examples.
Calvin and Hobbes Dictionary cartoon dictionary Find a word and the comic strip in which it appeared.
Etymonline etymology dictionary An etymology dictionary explains the history of words and their origins.
Wordia video dictionary Selected words are defined and enhanced with video; also play games related to word meanings.
Visuwords visual dictionary and cool dictionary
Shows definitions, plus visual connections to other words.
Big Huge Thesaurus thesaurus Thesaurus for synonyms and rhymes.
Word Sense thesaurus Cool synonym and antonym finder, which helps you get the "sense" of the word easily
ThesaurusLand thesaurus Keeps a running list of words you look up.
FactMonster homework help Easy-to-navigate site for homework help.
Homework Spot homework help Links for getting your homework done.
Easy Notecards flashcard creator Create flash cards or access premade cards here. Create an account to store cards for studying.
Study Blue
flashcard creator Another flashcard creation site.
FauxFlash flashcard creator Pronounced "foe flash," another flashcard creator.
Printable Stationery specialized paper printer Print out graph paper, bot paper, etc.
Face Your Manga
avatar creator

Create a cartoon version avatar for use on social media sites and projects.

Here is the link for the bookmark project.  

Mii Maker avatar creator Similar to Wii characters. 
Mini Mizer
avatar creator Look like a Lego dude.     
Doppel Me avatar creator Create a full-body cartoon image for use in social media sites. 
Wee World avatar creator Full body with accessories.  
Dude Factory
avatar creator Create a full body avatar.  
Fooz Me
avatar creator Think bobble heads.  
I Am Bored
avatar creator Simple faces, lots of options.  
Pick a Face avatar creator Faces with options. 
Mangatar avatar creator Japanese inspired characters. 
Supalogo logo creator Create your own cool logo, like the one at ShareSpace.
Flaming Text logo creator Create your own custom logo.
LunaPics image editor LOTS of variations for changing pics.
Picadilo image editor Super easy image editor to add cool changes to your pics.
Pixlr image editor Cool effects and easily adjustable changes.
Online Image Editor image editor Add cool effects to your avatar, such as glitter or stars.
Glitterboo image editor Another easy site for adding glitter effects to your images.
iPiccy image editor Edit photos or images easily, with lots of cool effects.
Fotor image editor Lots of subtle effects, including mosaic.
PicMonkey image editor Lots of really cool, easy to use image modifiers, plus neat add-ons.
Background Remover background remover Create a clear background on images. Works surprisingly well!
Clipping Magic image clipper Clip backgrounds from images.
Word Mosaic text to image Put selected text into shapes.
Sumo Paint art application Create pictures or edit existing pictures; be sure to save as a .png file, or Greenshot your work.
Bomomo art application Weird and wonderful dots form their own designs! Lots of experimentation needed!
Muro art application Much cooler effects than Sumo paint, and a lot more abstract.
A Web Whiteboard art application Need a simpler drawing app that works like Mr. Schoch's whiteboard? This is it. Create simple drawings and then right click to save them for use on projects and applications. Cool way to save handwriting also.
Kuler color picker Pick just the right color for your project or font.
Greenshot image copier Download site for Greenshot, that cool screen capture tool that we use in school. A parent may need to help with the download, but this is the creator's site, and the safest place to get it online.
Photos for Class images copyright free pics for projects, properly attributed! 
Flickr Creative Commons images copyright free pics for projects
Pexels   Free photos to use; really high quality.
Photo Gallery images Mostly CC photos that you can use with attribution.
Pixabay images Images in the public domain, free to use.
EveryStockPhoto images Search for free photos (some still need to be attributed).
FreeFoto.com images Search for free photos on any topic.
Seven Sites images Seven sites to find fabulous, free, high quality photos.
Morgue File images Search for royalty-free images.
Dreamstime images Search for royalty-free images.
Pixabay images Public domain images.
Tag Galaxy images Cool way to sort and narrow search for Flickr images.
Every Stock Photo images Some free stock photos.
Free Photo Sources images Huge collection of links for students.
Royalty Free Images images You still need to credit the source!
Pexels images Free images to use; searchable.
Unsplash images Free images for you to use; read about how to give credit.
Great Image Sites images 10+ sites for free images.
GIFs for Kids GIFs School appropriate GIFs for projects.
Image Coder CC image coder Instantly code images with Creative Commons data.
Free Stock Photos more images Article listing ten more sites for free images.
JPEG Mini image reducer Doesn't resize picture; just makes them use less memory.
Big Huge Labs art/photo editing Create cool projects using your photos or saved online images.
Web Cam Toy photo editing You need a web cam to use this site. Exercise caution and avoid placing your pics online publicly.
Image Chef photo editing Another site to use photos in cool ways.
FotoFlexer photo editing Edit your images using lots of tools plus cool filters.
iPiccy photo editing Cool image editing options.
Phixer photo editing Online photo editing.
Pixlr photo editing Online photo editing with cool effects.
EnThread photo editing Image editor that uses simple sliding tools; seems to only work in Google Chrome.
Fun Photo Box fun photo editing Use images in cool new ways.
PhotoMontage fun photo editing Put your image in weird places.
Be Funky fun photo editing Use your photos plus this tool to get cool effects.
Big Huge Labs photo posters Create an inspirational poster using your photo.
Picfull photo editing Quick and easy photo editing with cool effects.
Citrify photo editing Super simple photo editing, good for portraits.
Sign Generator photo/text generator Write you own message in a cool new place.
Glass Giant photo/text generator Write your message or use a photo in a cool way.
Picture Trail slideshow creator Cool new slideshow alternative; some cool 3D effects.
Vovox slideshow creator Goes side to side versus slide by slide.
MyBrainShark slideshow creator with audio Add audio to online presentations.
Bubblr slideshow Slideshow creator, cartoon strip style.
Bookr slideshow Slideshow creator, book style.
280 Slides slideshows Create and share slideshows in the cloud.
Infinite Canvas slideshow Unlimited space and possibilities for creating slide shows and endless works of originality.
Stage'd video creation tool Create video comics.
Audio/Video Editing audio/video This links to a list of free downloads for editing audio and video for Mac and PC.
Video Screen Captures video Several programs for capturing screens with video.
SafeShare TV video editing Start and end a video where you wish, while cutting out most of the adds.
EmbedPlus video editing Cut videos; add more playback features.
HeadLiner video editing Free online video editing tool.
Mobygratis free music for movies Download free and legal music for use in video projects.
Purple Planet royalty free music Cool music to download for projects.
PodSnack embeddable music Create a playlist of one or more songs, then embed on your wiki page.
Sound Mix sound mixing Create a mix of soothing nature sounds and beats.
Eyejot video emailing Nothing to download. Just create a video email and send it.
Jigsaw Puzzle Creator jigsaw creator Use your own picture to create a digital jigsaw.
Tagul word cloud generator Create shapes word clouds. Also see Wordle.
Typing Club typing lessons Learn to type.




































































































































































































































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