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Cool Tools II

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On this page you'll find more Cool Tools for writing, creating images, and publishing. Be sure to check out the main page of Cool Tools as well.



Tool Type


Time Blocks time management tool stack timers for multiple tasks
Word Search Creator word search maker Lots of these exist on the Internet, but this one is cool because it lets you really pick and choose your formatting.
Crossword Creator crossword puzzle creator Pretty simple game creator that can be printed off, or screen-shot for use in a project.
Puzzle Creators puzzle maker Puzzle, word search, dice, board game maker.
Label Maker label maker Create one of those old-school punch labels.
License Plate Maker license plate maker Make a custom plate for any state.
Windows Error Message error message creator You'll get what it is when you see the site.
Chart and Graph Makers chart and graph makers A list of sites where you can creatively display your data.
Infogram chart maker Add data at the site, or import from an Excel doc.
Google Doc Persuasion Template
persuasive writing
Save a copy of this Google Doc for prewriting a five paragraph persuasive essay.
tech apps
Tutorials on dozens of popular online applications. The tutorials are in the form of pdfs, videos, and online step-by-step lessons.
Jam Studio music Create music easily, even if you can't read music or play an instrument!
DragonTape music Create online mixtapes using YouTube music videos.
Record Sound sound recorder Easy sound recording online.
Edistorm brainstorming Online collaborative environment using stickies.
Wallwisher Alternatives brainstorming/ collaboration Like WallWisher? Here's a list of some alternative stickie sites.
ETTC Poetry Templates
writing application
Create awesome poems using the online writing templates that prompt you along the way.
Figment creative writing opportunities Write stories, read stories, and connect with fellow middle school writers.
Thing Link tagging application Add tags to pictures to make them more interactive.
Narrative Writing Tutorial
writing tutorial
A tutorial for writing stories, both fiction and nonfiction.
Wall Wisher  collaborative writing  Create a wall and have multiple users write at once. 
The Brainstormer writing ideas A cool online spinner that can generate writing ideas for original stories. (Once at the site, click Extras at top, and choose Brainstormer).
Fridge Magnets writing game Choose one of four sets of themed words to create fridge writing.
yWriter novel writing application Plan on writing a novel? This free software will help you do it.
Picture a Story storytelling application Create a scene using visual elements, then write and record an accompanying story.
Cite Bite text quoter Link directly to a quote on a web page and hilight it.
Domo Animate animation creator Create a comic strip using the provided images.
Comic Master graphic novel creator Create comic pages using the provided images.
Fonts for Comics

free fonts 

(some of them)

Download some free fonts, just like those used in comic books.
collaborative interactive whiteboard
Create and collaborate on a virtual whiteboard space, including text, images, and videos.
Titan Pad collaborative writing Multiple writers can use one pad.
Cool Tools for Schools  tech apps Dozens and dozens of online apps that you can freely use to accomplish almost anything! 
Wix website creation Create your own website easily.
Tackkboard website creation Super easy website creation with lots of media options.
Color Schemer color design Match complementary colors easily.
KwiqPoll polling Ridiculously easy polling creation; free and no registration required.
Zoomerang polling Create an online poll which can be embedded onto your wiki pages.
Blog Poll polling Easier embeddable poll tool for wiki.
Vocaroo voice recording Easily record your voice and share with others.
Zondle quiz games Play or create games to practice skills and concepts.
99Polls poll creator Create simple multiple choice polls.
JellyCam video creation Create simple stop motion videos.
Magisto video editing Easy video editing.
HelloSlide audio slide shows Type the text for your slide show; this site adds a computer generated voice which reads the text.
Quiz Scorer scoreboard Score and time four teams.
Eyejot video email Create video messages to send, instead of emails.
LiveBinders website bookmarking Easy way to organize your favorite sites.
Just Beam It file transfer Transfer files easily.
PipeBytes file transfer Transfer, not store, large files easily.
File Dropper file transfer and storage Transfer and temporarily store, files.
Joliprint pdf maker

Turn ugly web pages into easier-to-read, more attractive pdfs for printing or saving.

Pageflipper flash book maker Turn your Word doc or pdf into a flippable online book.
Join Me screen sharing Share a screen with others; view someone else's screen.
CX.com free online cloud storage Create an account here and get 10 GB of online storage for free.
Big Brown Bear typing practice Free typing practice.
Keybr.com typing practice More typing practice.
Flipping Typical fonts See all the fonts that are stored on your computer in visual format.
Font Space fonts Fonts by categories.
Font Report font lister Shows you exactly which fonts are loaded on your computer.
Screen Share screen share Share your scree with another remote user.
Mentimeter online polling Quick, easy, free polling. No registration or codes needed (unless you want to keep it private).
Sound FX NOW
sound effects
Sound effects to download for projects. (Easy previews)
Sound Cli.ps
sound effects
Sound effects to download for projects.
Free Sound FX Library sound effects Even more sound effects.
Pdf to Word Converter file converter Change pdfs to Word docs that can be edited.
Online Converter file converter Change certain file types into others.
Youtube Tricks video editing Trim videos, remove related videos, etc.
Youtube Audio Library video music Free background music.
Youtube to mp3 Converter audio Covert Youtube vids to audio format.
Clip It audio  Simple audio recording.
Image to Text image converter Convert a picture into an image made of text.
Dooid Web Site Creator web site creator Build your own site, easily.
How to Embed Almost Anything web site management How to embed all sorts of media.
No Registration Needed! assorted cool tools Sites that don't need registration.
Quozio quote creator Create great looking quotes for printing out, or putting on your site.
PresentMe screen capture Upload a doc, a power point, etc., and then record yourself working through it.
Tin Eye color design tools Find images that match certain colors or color combos, or extract colors from one given image to find color code that complement it. Trust me... it's useful!
Scoreboard scoreboard Select from 2 to 5 teams; points go into double digits.
Active Prompt quick assessment Create an online tool to collect quick votes virtually.
Varsity Tutors assessment Free sample assessments to complete online.
Image Coder Creative Commons images Find Creative Commons images, and create embeddable gifs that can be used legally.
Popcorn Maker Video Editing Cool app lets you overlay text and images on YouTube videos, like the Pop-Up Videos of the 80s.
EMaze Presentation Creator Combines best parts of Power Point and Prezi.
Paper and Paste Presentation Creator Use real paper or any other medium to create presentations easily.
Dream Harp Sound Effect Sound effect for next year when you experience flashbacks to Mr. Schoch's awesomeness.
Remind Me Email Utility Create an email reminder to yourself.
CiteLighter Hilighter Hilight, cite, and add comment.
QR Code Creator QR Codes Simply copy any url, insert here, and create a QR code that can be read by any QR code scanner on a smartphone.
YouTube to MP3 YouTube Converter Change YouTube videos to MP3s
YouTube Clipper video clipper Clip and loop videos.
Croppola image cropping Smart image cropping.
Free Music Sources music 31 Sources of Free Creative commons Music
Tin Eye color matcher Find CC images that match selected colors
oTranscribe Video Notes Put video and note sheet on same screen.
CloudConvert Converter Convert anything to anything else.
Loom ScreenCasting Record screen and audio easily.
Online OCR Conversion Convert PDFs and JPEGs to Word for editing
QB Buzzer Game Connect multiple users to raise a virtual hand, while shutting out the opponents.
Wheel of Names Game Spinner Quickly create a spinner wheel with names or categories.
Split PDF pdf Tool Split large PDFs into multiple pages.
Text Tools Online text configuration tool Alphabetize lists and do other sorting tasks.
Video Conversion Tool Video Conversion Tool Convert videos into other formats such as audio files.
Typito Video Text Tool Easily add text captions to videos.





























































































































































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