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Homework for Marking Period Four 2011 2012

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1) Work on Ancient Civ Report, which is due TOMORROW, June 7th!




1) Finish The Outsiders.

2) Complete the Chapters 11 and 12 Qs

Download another here.

3) Work on Ancient Civ Project (due Thursday)

4) Bring in books for Library Book Swap




1) Work on Ancient Civ Report, which is due June 7th!

2) GAL List 29 3x

3) Do Online GAL 29 Quiz




1) Finish Reflections on Death WS;

see and hear the poems here

2) Write a poem about Johnny's death (in ShareSpace)

3) Study for GAL 28 Quiz

4) Bring in books for Library Book Swap




1) Work on Ancient Civ Report, which is due June 7th!

2) Bring in books for Library Book Swap




1) Study for GAL 27 Quiz

2) Complete Outsiders Ch. 8 WS

3) Reading Logs Due




1) Work on Ancient Civ project if you feel behind.




1) GAL List 27 Online Quiz

2) Read Outsiders Ch. 7

3) Answer Outsiders Qs in Reading NB




1) GAL List 27 WS

2) Outsiders Ch. 5 WS

3) Ancient Civ Project Para. 1




1) GAL List 26 Sentences

2) Logs Due

3) Work on your Ancient Civ Project




1) Finish Outsiders Ch. 5

2) GAL List 26 3x (script OR print)

3) Find a trade book for your culture by Wednesday

4) Towel and lunch for trip tomorrow.




1) Select your Culture and Focus

2) Begin finding resources including web sites and books; must have a book by Wednesday!

3) Reading Logs due

4) Study for GAL 25 Quiz




1)  Complete Outsiders Ch. 3 WS




1)  Finish The Outsiders Ch. 4

2) GAL List 25 3x each and Sentences




1) Complete GAL 25 WS.

2) Finish The Outsiders Ch. 3

3) Add notes for Johnny and Cherry in Character Charts




1) Look over your Writing Notebook notes again for tips on how to do your best on the ASK test. No further hints from me.

2) If you have a favorite commercial, email me the YouTube link. Must be school appropriate. DO NOT SEND IT TO THE WHOLE GRADE LEVEL! Or, you can simply upload it to Edmodo.




1) Type your Difficult Challenge essay into the new ShareSpace.  Add at least one more paragraph to your essay. Use PaperRater (http://www.paperrater.com) to check it over.




1) Write an essay on the quote: "A difficult challenge brings out the best in people."




1) Type your story in to your NEW ShareSpace. Use TINPADDLE to help you revise and improve it. Elaborate!


2) Double check your email for a message from me (from the weekend) about coming in to help with the Tech Showcase on Wednesday night. I still need a few volunteers.




1) Choose one of the sentences we elaborated in class. Use that as an opening to write a whole story. Hand write! No typing.




1) Read The Outsiders Ch. 2.

2) Add to your charts.




1) Finish The Outsiders Ch. 1


2) In your Writing Notebook, create a chart like this for each of the seven boys: Ponyboy, Soda, Darry, Steve, Two-Bit, Dally, and Johnny. (You can use regular paper if you were absent).


Then, create Quadrants that are labeled LOOKS LIKE (physical traits), ACTS LIKE (actions), SOUNDS LIKE (direct quotes), PEOPLE SAY (what people say about them).


Complete the charts for the seven boys; use chapter for support and page numbers.


If you were absent and didn't have a novel, you better come in at 8:15 to work on this!







1) Edit Holocaust Essay, adding at least one sentence per paragraph to elaborate your ideas.

2) Hilight all elaborations in light blue.




1) Finish your Holocaust Essay. Check out the videos and other helps at this Essay Writing link.


2) Finish GAL List 24 3x each and sentences.


3) Study for GAL List 24 Quiz.





1) Review the resources collected at Holocaust Education link. Begin planning out your essay using the orange prewriting sheet.


2) Add your thoughts to Barkles. Take this seriously, and include quotes, thoughts, facts, etc. that can help your classmates with their essays!


3) LOGS were DUE
















































































































































For all previous Homework assignments, see the Homework Archive.


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